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Amethyst Circle Necklace

Amethyst Circle Necklace

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One-of-a-king Amethyst quarters come together to form a full circle with a beautiful cherry Tourmaline on top. This is a marvel of craftsmanship with L-shaped angles securing the hand-carved stones and defining the full circle that is life. Inregal tones of Amethyst and a rich hued Tourmaline. Strung to a fine Italian made chain.

The pendant is 26mm round. The chain is 300mm on each side. The length of this chain is adjustable and can be shortened by attaching the clasp to the desired chain link very easily.



Very rare shapes and cuts of a rich hued Amethyst gemstone with pinkish red tourmaline stones. Set in 92.5 Sterling Silver and Italian made chain, plated in high quality 2micron 18k gold.

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